BTS Risk

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The same trusted Risk Management used in our market making system available as a stand-alone application.

BTS Risk is a standalone application that uses the same proven, proprietary technology as our market making application.

Our risk reports provide a comprehensive survey of your position's exposure to changes in market conditions in a flexible, user-specified format.

  • Risk measured along user-specified volatility-versus-underlying paths
  • Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Charm, Vanna, Volga as well as shape greeks
  • Global vega custom-aggregated across product and expiration
  • Reporting engine for user-designed P&L and risk reports

Import your position from your clearing file or a standard CSV and look at scenario analysis across underlying, vol and interest rate scenarios.

With BTS risk you can both see your exposure and compute how many futures you should trade to hedge.

Key Features of BTS Risk:

  • Trade by trade synchronization with CME drop copy
  • Or use live positions from your clearing firm
  • Continuously fit implied vols
  • Vol, Time and Rate Scenario Analysis
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